What is an RPAS or UAV?

RPAS is the acronym for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System. UAV is the acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Both commonly referred to as a ‘drone’. RPAS & UAVs are a type of aircraft that do not have on-board pilots and are controlled remotely from the ground.


What are the benefits of using RPAS technology?

Value: A fraction of the cost of traditional methods of aerial inspection, survey, videography & photography.

Safety: Reduced risk exposure to personnel.

Versatility: Images are shot from low altitudes which allow us to engage unorthodox angles at a close range with more precision detail than ever before. The potential is unlimited.

Speed:  RPAS can be deployed in as little as 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the operation. 


What can our services be used for?

From pylon, radio mast, turbine and transport infrastructure inspection and survey to tv, film and any aerial photography you can imagine, the applications for the RPAS systems are limitless. But don't let us decide the limits of our platforms. We will endeavour to carry out any reasonable request with the utmost professionalism and safety as our primary concern.

We provide unparalleled aerial image quality for media, mapping and survey and inspection operations. 


What limitations if any exist?

Wind and precipitation provide the biggest limitations to flying operations. Flying operations cannot be conducted in rain or drizzle. Aside from ruining the shot due to water on the camera lens, the electric motors and electronics are exposed to the elements and the risk of control loss due to malfunction of the electronics is too great. High winds will also curtail flying operations. 


What certifications do you have?

SkyOptic is certified by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) to conduct commercial aerial work in Ireland. SkyOptic's operations manual and risk assessment protocols have also been approved by the IAA. All our crews have completed mandated ground and flight training. Public liability insurance cover is also provided for.