Aerial Video/Photography

Aerial Video/Photography

"4k Videography to Inspire, superbly detailed photographs to impress"

In our hands SkyOptic can provide a Remote Pilot Aircraft System (RPAS) that is a perfect alternative to rigs, steadicams, cranes and helicopters. All this can be achieved at a far superior price point.

We can provide high quality media which offers unique advantages when compared to both traditional ground and air video and photo capture. SkyOptic is able to acquire video and photographs from a perspective that other cameras and vehicles cannot. RPAS are extremely flexible video platforms and therefore we are able to offer multiple options in order to suit your necessary requirements.

RPAS can achieve unique camera perspectives from low level close ups to high altitude wide shots, seamlessly transitioning from one to the other. SkyOptic RPAS have a unique ability to work in difficult areas, including those areas that cannot easily be accessed on foot. Additionally, and in the same way we are able to avoid any interference with or damage to a specific site or area, no ground vehicles or foot tracks. RPAS are extremely flexible platforms and offer multiple options in order to suit your requirements. Through this technology SkyOptic can achieve rapid and more spontaneous deployment, being less inhibited by space and time.

Video can be recorded in Cinema 4k 24FPS, UHD 4k 24/30FPS and 1080p Hi Def. Available formats include efficient AVCHD and AVCHD Progressive, to 200 Mbps All-Intra and 100 Mbps IPB MOV and MP4 formats. Highly detailed photographs can be shot in RAW or JPG formats and utilise our highly detailed imaging sensor to reproduce shots up to 16MP.