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Remote pilot technology, drones, UAS, UAVs if you do not know what to call them, know this. These unmanned air systems are going to revolutionise how we capture data. The industry is only starting to indicate its potential and is not sitting back waiting for government policy to be hammered out. Investment is pouring into the industry. The potential has been identified and huge efforts are being made to open up this all new application, hardware and computing market.

A growing ecosystem of drone software and hardware vendors is already catering to a long list of clients in agriculture, land & infrastructure management, insurance, energy, and construction. In addition, national and European regulation is evolving and helping to nurture the flourishing industry.

SkyOptic can help you unlock the business opportunity your company possesses or simply reveal the advantages unmanned air systems can bring to your present operation. Talk to us about RPAS technology, advances and barriers, applications and end users or let us guide you safely through the ever evolving regulations pertaining to the industry.  Currently, SkyOptic team members consult and help formulate National and European regulation for the RPAS industry. Combining this expertise with our deep understanding of the manned and unmanned aviation industry allows SkyOptic to provide you the information and know how you require.


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Some key highlights of what is happening right now

  • Irish RPAS Regulation is some of the most forward thinking regulation in place globally: Commercial operations have been allowed for some time now. The USA is only now beginning to catch up.
  • Proposed European Regulation looks to Open the commercial drone market more than it has been before: EU politicians want first mover advantage in order to create jobs and secure the largest share of a massive appetite for research and investment. EU regulation for the safe and consistent provision of unmanned aviation is ready. There has never been a safer or more reliable time to pursue and invest in an unmanned aviation policy for your business.
  • The global commercial drone market will take shape around applications in a handful of industries: agriculture, insurance, energy, transport, utilities, mining, construction, housing, news media, and film/photography production.
  • RPAS technology will revolutionise how data is captured: This data will be captured in a more consistent and repeatable manner than previously possible. Efficiency of data capture will provide a major competitive advantage. 
  • The industry is being managed by the aviation industry and is seen as an extension of this industry: Safety and risk management experience and know-how from the matured aviation industry is the benchmark against which RPAS regulation is derived. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) in consultation/cooperation with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is the lead authority for regulation in Ireland.
  • E-commerce and package delivery will not be an early focus of the drone industry: You will not see drone deliveries from Amazon or An Post any time soon.
  • Technology barriers are at once both a roadblock and a huge business opportunity: A major US tech investor has announced plans for an Irish based drone software start-up.
  • Many of the notable early commercial UAV manufacturers are emerging outside of the US market: Highlighting the technology access of this industry and the truly global opportunities that exist.
  • The commercial-drone industry is still young but has begun to see some consolidation: Major investments from large industrial conglomerates, chip companies, and defence contractors have already taken place and are indicative of this industry's potential.