Aerial Survey/Inspection

Remote Pilot Aircraft System (RPAS) are increasingly being used across a variety of industries to help minimise operating costs, mitigate safety risks and improve decision making.

RPAS enable more rapid and repeatable collection of inspection and survey imagery than traditional manned methods. This helps your business to more easily meet regulatory requirements, make better decisions and keep workers safe. Our RPAS make it easier to capture images and data where access is both difficult and dangerous.

Skyoptic can deliver 3D point cloud, digital surface model and geo-referenced orthomosaic imagery that can be visualised in any auto-cad or GIS software suite. We also offer remote data storage and and analytical tools for data measurements purposes (volumetrics, area measurement etc). In addition, SkyOptic offers real time video of your assets and infrastructure. Consequently, your maintenance and repair teams utilisation is more cost effective and rapid. Downtime for your assets can be reduced to an absolute minimum. Regular inspection from RPAS allows for priorities to be more easily identified and for efficient in-time maintenance to further reduce costs and service interruption.

With its razor sharp image sensor our camera optics take beautiful and highly detailed 16mp RAW and JPEG photographs for survey and inspection purposes. Our sensors make it possible to capture images with precision and detail not possible by other means.

Why use RPAS for your inspections?

High Quality Imaging
High Quality Data
Better Safety
Less Downtime
Greater Accessibility